First this pic. Dying.

I know it's problematic but I love that they are crying Lego babies all around. Mom/woman is like, I got this and dad/man is like, uhh what do it do?

Second, it's weird when you have friends who say they're over St. Patrick's Day. I asked my bff what she's up to for the big day and she said she'll be out of town and that "it's just about drinking. I don't love that." She kinda made me feel like a sorority girl or something because I'm going downtown to get drunk.

Third is kinda nutty but yesterday when I was doing the dishes, I was thinking about how fun a GT-TO winter solstice potluck would be. WE CAN HAVE IT AT MY APARTMENT UNLESS THAT'S WEIRD INTERNET PROTOCAL. I don't know how to navigate this social situation. Fortunately, it's months and months away. Something wild could happen and I could flounce. WHO KNOWS.

Fourth is that if I don't get to wear my jean jacket soon I don't know what's going to happen. I have to go to The Mall afterwork to get toner and maybe new leggings and all the new spring fashions are going to give me spring envy. Hide yo dafofils.