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First Time I Donated Blood, AKA how to embarrass oneself at work, also OT if desired

tl; dr “Don’t be a moron.”

TW: blood, vomit

So there was a blood drive at work today. One of those mobile vehicles. I decided to donate blood and everything went great! No issue getting the vein, filled up that bag in about 6 minutes, no dizziness. Everything felt great.


I go back to my desk, meet with my boss. We talk about the potential for me to get promoted and this is a great day.

The weather is unseasonably warm and perfect, too. I’m feeling fine, so I go for a 20 minute walk. It’s a great afternoon.

I work on the 7th floor. On the elevator, about floor 4, I realize I am very likely going to pass out. I politely say (to the people I don’t even know in there with me), “I’m very sorry, I donated blood earlier and I believe I am going to pass out very soon.”

Doors open at 6, everyone looks at me. “Nope, making it to my floor before passing out.”


Doors open at 7, I stumble out and proceed to slide down the wall in the elevator bay and sit there on the floor. And then I pass out.

I come to and see a coworker I know and another very nice lady I don’t fanning me. I am completely covered in sweat and very clammy. Kinda incoherent. Then they send someone to get my manager and his boss. By the time they get there I have decided to completely lay down because of nausea. They explain I was passed out for about a minute and a half, twitching, and making snoring sounds.


Anyhoo, then there was about an hour of me laying on the floor and the phlebotomist tracking my vitals. I could barely stay awake. Couldn’t eat or drink anything without massive waves of nausea. Finally get it together enough to get into a wheeled office chair. Coworkers roll me back to my desk. I then take an hour nap.

I wake up, and a coworker offers to drive me home in my car and my boss offers to follow so he can bring the coworker back to their car. They are wonderful people.


So the elevator back down to first floor... really messed with my nausea. Barely made it outside before projectile vomiting all over a decorative (and empty) planter. Right in front of my boss. Like he had to jump back to not get my puke on him.

Great day to discuss being promoted. Fantastic day for that. I have good feelings about the likelihood of this promotion.

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