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Welcome To The Bitchery
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First Uncomfortable Family Encounter of the Season: Check

I do not want to talk politics or religion. I do not want to hear about why fundamentalist/evangelical churches are the best because they don't cherry pick scripture. I sure as hell do not want to hear love the sinner, hate the sin.


I've got round two coming up soon and really wish my family drank more than they do because I would be all over a vodka soda right now. I will not let this get me down though! This is one of my favorite holidays and no one is gonna steal my good feelings.

How is everyone else holding up this season?

Totally unrelated question:

Is there any polite way to tell people you work with that may be older that they're being racist/a bigot? Not like yelling the n word, obviously racist, but ignorantly bigoted. I had someone use the phrase Jew'd out of something and I was internally like I know you are a good person, but that was hella terrible. Is there a nice way to phrase this in a nonconfrontational manner? I'm all about Jay Smooth's "How to Tell People They Sound Racist" bit but it doesn't really apply.

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