Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Why do they still have us go around the room and talk about ourselves? Since I’m in an internationally focused program, we’re also encouraged to bring up our regions and topics of interest. It bores me immensely. Listening to everyone yammer on about aaaallll the places they’ve worked and how they’re interested in this, but also that, specifically [weird sub-topic], but they might change to this other thing... I am not your advisor and I don’t care?

Maybe this is why I don’t have any friends in my program. It seems so performative, and since I can’t do these amazing internships and volunteering and consulting and shit because I have a job that promised opportunities for travel that I’ve realized they are NOT and never were willing to give me it all just fucking sucks.


And the girl I know in that class from work, I asked to tell people at the work meeting this week why I won’t be there this semester — I have a class overlapping really inconveniently. To which she said “I’ll just tell them aloe says ‘waaahhh I’m in grad school.’” Which I granted her was not an inaccurate impression.

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