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First "World Indigenous Peoples Games" in Brazil

From the Globe and Mail (a Canadian national newspaper); the first ever World Indigenous Peoples Games, held in Brazil, and possibly the next will be in Winnipeg in 2 years. People came from Mongolia, New Zealand, South America, North America ... (I’m sorry; I wasn’t able to identify the competitor in my lead image, but I believe he may be from Brazil)


ETA: Duh; stupid me; here’s a link to the homepage for the Games;


I hadn’t heard of this event, but it sounds like a wonderful experience for all involved, although it wasn’t without controversy; some felt that the money spent on the games would be better spent on education, or health initiatives.

In any case, it sounds like the participants found it a valuable bonding experience, with conversations occurring as well as competitions.

It was apparently difficult to find a lot of common activities for competition, and except for soccer, activities were restricted to traditional Indigenous Peoples’ sports; included were archery (shown above) and here (Mongolian women demonstrating)


Tug of war (Maori competitors),


Canoeing (competitors from Finland, who would be Saami, I assume, and from Brazil, whose affiliations were not identified)


And dancing demonstrations (performers not identified)


As I scrolled the images on offer, it became very telling that neither the athletes, nor their affiliations, tribal or otherwise, were identified in the majority of the pictures. Two steps forward, one step back ...

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