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First World Problems

I have a friend who overuses this expression to death. At brunch this morning, she said it at least four times. According to her, the following issues are first world problems:

-wedding dress fittings

-having multiple Christmas parties on the same night

-going on a boat in the cold

-choosing between themes for a child's birthday

I don't think she says "first world problems" to be dismissive and superior. She's just one of those people who latches on to catchphrases and repeats them ad nauseum. (Like "That's what she said" or making everything about the same inside joke.) I don't know how to make her stop without sounding rude. Today I almost snapped, "Of course it's a first world problem. We live in Seattle. All of our problems are first world problems. Would you rather only talk about access to clean drinking water and government coups?"


Of course, complaining about someone saying "first world problems" probably counts as a first world problem, so what do I know?

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