Drunkenly order a delicious Cinnapie to go with my delicious pizza. Only have 3 pieces of it (equivalent of maybe 1-2 slices of pizza) before I pass out. Wake up in the morning and the ENTIRE THING IS GONE. Wtf, boyfriend?

Are you aware that I paid for it and I didn't even get a quarter of it because you ate it while I slept? Really depressed now, I was looking forward to eating that in the morning. And he's not even awake so I can't be mad at him, and it's such a silly thing to be mad over but I am. >:(


"Is there any Cinnapie left, boyfriend?"

"No, I think I finished it last night."

"...I only had three pieces ;~;"

"It's not good the next day! I'll go shower and then we can go to the store and I'll buy you something sweet."


Crisis averted!