Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
  • Making scones last night to bring into work today for fundraiser - fucked up the recipe and added the egg that was supposed to be the egg wash on top to the mix and they ended up way more cakey than scones should be. They’re still tasty, though.
  • slept in a bit because I’ve been sleeping like shit lately. I don’t have blinds up in my bedroom window yet. I have a set of blackout blinds that will be getting trimmed and put up tonight, I hope.
  • got into a discussion with one of my roommates about organizing/reorganizing stuff (we just moved) this morning, made me later
  • bag strap broke with all my stuff (after I emptied out my purse into it and put everything I needed into it for today)
  • had to reload my purse and put everything else into another bag
  • stuck behind morons who were driving 10 km under the speed limit
  • was late to work (but not as late as I was thinking I might be)
  • ate breakfast, coffee and most of a scone before I was reminded I have a weigh in this morning
  • coworker found a piece of egg shell in her scone and asked what sort of prize she will win because of it
  • just dropped my cookie on the floor
  • i have no filter today and have already dropped more swears this morning than I have since Monday

If anyone watches/listens to/knows about Critical Role, I’m swearing like Laura today (fuck! Shit! ass! balls!)

I need a nap and a hug and all the caffeine. 

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