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First World Shopping--should I get this Vitamix? UPDATE: NO for reasons & read comment at the end if nothing else

I have coveted a Vitamix for a loooonnggg time (since the first time I went on WW), but I'm pretty cheap. There's a Groupon special for reconditioned ones at $300 (usually new they are 400-600). Should I bite the bullet and get this for my advance bday? I have a small NYC apartment, but will make room for it.


I know several of you have it—what's your thoughts before the Groupon sells out? Should I trust appliances bought via Groupon?

Things to know about me— I love soups, smoothies and huumus.

UPDATE: After checking out the conversation at SlickDeals, I am a no. I hadn't noticed that you can control neither the speed, nor the time with this model. I need CONTROL. There also seemed to be a problem with flaking in this and other models. I believe Vitamix is a solid enough company to replace the container, but would rather not have the hassle of the Groupon intermediary, particularly given Gina-Bin's experience. BTW, SD yielded this hilarious comment:

It's probably worth mentioning that the people in that thread found black specks in Blendtec and Omega blender models as well. I'm not saying its a non-issue by any means, but there is so much hyperbole in that thread its become ridiculous. One thing is clear however, Vitamix is knowingly killing customers with extremely toxic chemicals, then hiding the bodies in stacks of replacement jar boxes.

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