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It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these. Let’s talk about things.

What’s working for you? What are you excited to try? Anything you’re slogging through with no end in sight but you’re valiantly fighting onwards?

I am continuing to see the personal trainer for weightlifting. Dude is amazing - he does a lot of lifting with interval training so I’m getting a lot of cardio in there. My heavy set of deadlifts this week was 185 lbs! That felt awesome (and super hard, but I kept good form)!


True story I fucking hate kettleballs. Totally get why they’re good for exercising. I just fucking hate kettlebell swings.

My knees are pretty much (no I totally didn’t think they were fine twice and wear high heels all day and re-irritate things) healed up from the inflammation from the shitty elliptical earlier this summer, so otherwise cardio has been walking on the treadmill and the row machine (which I am still building strength on, so it’s like “7 minutes of row machine then 45 min brisk walk”).

How are y’all doing?

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