LIFE UPDATE: Didn't run for like 12 days because of hurting my knees. When I hurt my knees I set a personal record of at or just under 6:40/mile for a 5K (sorry I'm bad at unit conversion). REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT! However, my knees were not. I just went out again today, running real slow (for me, my history, and my stride), probably 8+ minute miles although I didn't time it, and my knees hurt but not as bad but I'm glad I did it. I could be regretting this run for awhile. I HOPE I CAN STILL RUN! FUCK THESE KNEES!

Anyone else have knees that simply can't be trusted? I've been waiting for knee-pocalypse for quite some time, as a 6'3" person I juuuuuuuuuuuuuust knew it was coming. ARG!