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Welcome To The Bitchery

Fiddling while Rome burns.

I have a Fitbit, and a while back there were a few GTers I was friends with on the app. One of the nice things is the ability to have competitions between friends- who can do the most steps in a day, week, weekend. But it only works in the fit bit app. I use this to encourage my stepson to keep exercising when my husband and I are away (he gets the car and all physical exercise ceases).


But I found Stridekick which is a website and an app, and takes in feed from multiple types of trackers. It also has more varied challenges.

I find challenges helpful in keeping me motivated to hit certain goals and I like the comraderie. No judgement here from me on steps though- I am usually at the bottom on my workplace challenges.

So, is anyone interested in GT challenges? Do you have a better recommendation? My user name on Stridekick is somewhat doxy- @kyliesc

I may try to put this up on reddit as well.

Edit- Stridekick will sync with Apple, Garmin and Fitbit. Plus a couple others

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