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Five days

Hello all! This post has no point. Just feel like talking to friends.

Things are moving at a rapid pace. We started packing today - all crystal and cut glass. I am down here for five more days before I head home for a while (schedule undetermined).

Grandmere has October 15th as her move-in date, though it may take less time and we may be ready on the first. I don’t mind as long as she is happy and comfortable. The realtor came today and advised us to “de-clutter” - which works out as my goal for the week is to pack up every decorative thing in the house.


You guys. It’s a lot.

Grandmere has many family pieces. She has things she has collected. She worked in an antique shop and didn’t exactly sell all of her stock. Her house, in my mind, is beautiful - filled with colored cut glass, blue and white china, victorian furniture, stained glass window hangings... but I am seeing it from another side, now. Everything needs to be packed. Platters, punch bowls, pitchers, candlesticks.

I don’t mind the work. But it makes me think of the things we hold on to. Grandmere has lived for almost 92 years, and she has a house full of beautiful things which remind her of all of those years.

Are we our stuff? Is our stuff a part of who we are?

All of this is coming to me, some now and some upon her passing. It’s a wonderful gift. I can say, that belonged to my great-great grandmother. But sometimes I wonder who we would be without *things*.


Five days of packing, of stories, of memories, of anxiety, of loss. The world is shifting. I hope I can appreciate every moment. 

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