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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Five new novels are out all parts of series (rant included)

Well James Patterson and Clive Cussler (and friends) have new books out based on one of their myriad series. I can't get into Cussler his books have a Silver Age comic feel to them whose stories meander and go on forever. Patterson well he is a one man Harlequin. I don't know who CJ Box is, haven't read anything by this author. Tell you grandmothers a new Debbie Macomber novel is out, I swear I only see senior citizen women reading her books.

Rant. The murderer Anne Perry has written another murder mystery. Talk about tasteless and taking writing what you know to the extreme. I don't know why people buy her novels when there are a myriad of struggling crime novel writers out there. Heck buy Cussler or Patterson over her. Sorry murder is an unforgivable crime. Her crime with her friend was vicious. There have been books and even a movie based on her diabolical deed. article


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