Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A really good article on why parents should not flip out over YA books. One dad is trying to get BANNED from the school library (middle school) Fault In Our Stars. One paragraph alludes to sex and he is all bent out of shape over it.

One good reason the author gives is that books don't corrupt kids, not reading though does. Also kids will just read the books elsewhere. She has a good Judy Blume reference.


I am so sick of parents whining about novels schools assign them. I cannot think of one case where I can sort of agree. I notice though its all about sex. Yet I bet these same parents don't bat an eye over violence in novels. The Bible contains many graphic violent scenes yet I bet these same parents would insist on it being in the schools. Actually Bible does have lots of allusions to sex, Abraham and his daughter is the most disturbing. f

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