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  • Fuck you sleep for evading me
  • Fuck you, Bitten, for describing a sculpture as 'when Zeus takes the form of a swan to seduce Leda'. Seeing as everyone refers to that event as 'the rape of Leda', that's seriously fucked up. I know you're trying to float your whole 'I'm a sessy werewolf, I have my primitive secret animal form, rawr, baby,' but really. Clay was a sexy anthropologist in the books because of his rocking hot face and body and also his expertise on the subject. Ugh. SLOPPY SLOPPY RAPE APOLOGIST FOR LIKE 3000 year old rape or some shit? That's tacky. That's so fucking tacky.
  • Fuck you True Detective for being awesome and engrossing television and frying my brain on plot!acid
  • Fuck you twitchy legs and hands for being seriously twitchy. I'm glad I don't live in Ye Olde Salem because I would be very fucked right now
  • Fuck you parents for not turning on the lamp at the bottom of the stairs so that when your insomniac child goes down for a beverage/etc in the middle of the night she can see where she's going
  • Fuck you spine. You know what you did
  • And finally, fuck you (not really) GT, because I missed a lot of posts and now I'm lost like a puppy in a wading pool.

I'm going to try to finally sleep as it's now after 8 am and if I don't, I'll be tempted to start throwing plates. For the record, I've never thrown plates, but it seems like a dramatic thing to do when exhausted and angry and such.

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