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Fixing Phobias

Does anyone have any experience with overcoming phobias? My fear of flying is getting worse.

I already only fly in window seats, three-sheets-to-the-wind and clutching a teddy (which, at 25, is getting a little embarrassing). And I still struggle to sit still or be quiet if there are clouds. Even if I'm not in one. And there are lots of clouds in the sky.

Everyone has always told me that it'd get better the more I flew. But I've been flying fairly regularly for over 15 years and it's getting worse, not better.


I'm going to bring it up with my counsellor but we're principally there to talk about other things. I've tried Googling it but I just get a load of companies trying to sell me fear of flying courses and, weirdly, a load of articles about dog bites. Has anyone tried any of the courses? Is there any proof that they actually work?

I'd love to not be afraid any more but I'd settle for not having a panic attack when the seat belt sign is turned on.

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