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Flagging comments . . . what are your criteria?

It’s a lazy Sunday and I’m avoiding the effort of trying to get candle wax out of a tablecloth, so I waded into the mainpage Jez comments (which I rarely do anymore) on the Stoya post. There was one trollish comment that I ended up flagging as hate speech. It’s far from the worst I’ve ever seen, but I’m curious if people agree with my reasoning here:

  • It was one of the “innocent until proven guilty” bullshit comments.
  • Nobody is even talking about putting the accused rapist in prison, simply about believing the accuser.
  • Insisting that we must apply the legal definition of “innocent until proven guilty”to talking about any rape accusation when it’s well-known how much the system and culture are stacked against rape victims is actively supporting a structure in which the perpetrator of a crime almost never gets justice and the victim isn’t even allowed to talk about their experience. This is absolutely promoting a system of hate and victim blaming and excusing violence. It actively promotes silencing women (and male victims of rape too, but the context is clearly a female victim here and the comment is almost always present when discussing rape of women).
  • There isn’t a flag option for “this trollish comment fails on all levels including basic logic”.

I don’t usually spend much time in the mainpage comments aside from io9, so I’m curious what other people’s flagging criteria are.

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