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Okay, I just watched Thor 2. I went by myself so I don't have anyone to flail about this with. None of my friends have seen it yet (whyyyyyyyy).

(Relevant gif is relevant - also happens to be my favorite fangirling gif ever.)

This is my gut reaction to the movie.





Oh holy hell, guise! I CANNOT. I literally just cannot comprehend how much I LOVED this movie. I did really well avoiding spoilers and gifs, even reactions and reviews. I basically knew that Thor and Loki (and everyone else) would be there, and that was it.


It was one of the most fun movie experiences I have ever had. I went by myself, on a day when I told myself:

And boy was it a treat.

I'm usually a "silent watcher" at movies - I react with my body (flinching, leaning forward, hiding my face, etc) but generally I don't gasp or talk aloud or anything. I don't know what it was about this movie but I was gasping and squeaking in reaction the entire time.


I have a few questions too. They're down below.


Things I loved:

  • SIF. SIF SIF SIF SIF SIF. JAIMIE ALEXANDER, you gorgeous, bad-ass, tall drink of water. I officially have a crush. I loved her so much, I wanted to see more of her. The way Sif moves with such grace and power - when she holds her sword up to Loki's throat, lifts it to let him pass, then lowers it to the same position? It was very...sensual in a way? I don't know!
  • Shirtless Thor. Gratuitous much? Noooot that I was complaining (nor were the ladies sitting in front of me, who dissolved into fits of giggling).
  • Darcy. I just really like Darcy's fish-out-of-water-yet-not schtick.
  • Thor and Loki - this relationship just rips me apart. So many complicated feelings. There's a moment when they both share a tiny sliver of nostalgia about their mother and smile...and those smiles slowly melt away because even their fond memories are tainted. Their past is tainted by their present relationship, and it breaks my heart. Thor's plea to Loki to "come home" in the Avengers movie was his Hail Mary pass and Loki STABBED him in answer - isn't that the moment when Thor stopped seeing Loki as his brother (like he said in this movie?)
  • Frigga! The way she went toe-to-toe with Malekith had me gasping in awe (and when she was killed, I deflated in my seat. NooooOOOooooOOooo.)
  • Loki. Loki is one of those characters I can't help but be drawn to. He's slippery and sly and completely untrustworthy and...so full of pain. When he's told he'll never see Frigga again, when he's in the cell and talking to his projection of her, the way he can't quite muster up the same conviction telling himself she's not his mother as when he says Odin isn't his father - he's a bundle of hurt feelings and gross entitlement and he's awful but he has flashes of qualities that aren't irredeemable which makes him so interesting and scary, actually. His grief that hardens to rage. (Quick aside: Tom Hiddleston has beautiful hands; I couldn't stop staring at his hands. And the way his mouth forms words is very pleasing to my ear.)
  • Captain America cameo!
  • ETA: RemediosVaro pointed out that I FORGOT HEIMDALL which is a TRAVESTY. Heimdall, who took down an invisible spacecraft WITH JUST A SWORD. Heimdall, who defied his king to do the right thing. Heimdall who is all-seeing and wise and calm and whose presence is almost like a comfort.

Things I didn't love:

  • The fact that - with the exception of Sif - all the women are damsels in distress at some point or another. Frigga's killed (she dies admirably, but still), Jane is in danger the entire time (and faints a lot), Darcy is obviously out of her element (as are all the humans, but still - her life is saved by Ian the intern and they have that cheesy sort of "you saved my life" moment).
  • How little of Sif there seemed to be. How little of the Warriors Four. When they showed up, they were admirable and awesome - but we saw so little of them (and I realize that this movie is called Thor and not The Warriors Four but c'mon!).
  • Selvig's role. Funny, I guess...only not so funny? I just felt really sad and frustrated for him.


  • What did y'all think of Sif and Thor's relationship, and some of the implications the movie made? I DIDN'T love Odin's nod to her as Thor's partner (though that was the point, I guess), and I'm not sure if her asking Thor to get a drink was supposed to be a casual drink between friends who fought with each other or an invitation for something more. My inclination is that it was an invitation for something more because Thor then calls her "my lady Sif" and her face kind of fell? He was distancing himself from her. Deliberately. I don't think it made her any less of a strong character, if that's what the movie was implying, but...I dunno, something about it rubbed me the wrong way.
  • Either the Dark Elves were 5,001 years ahead of their time when they were defeated by Odin's father or Asgard was reallyyyyy slack about advancing themselves for 5,000 years. If Dark Elves were 5,0001 years ahead, how did Odin's father defeat them? Why would Asgard be so slack in advancing themselves? WHAT WAS ASGARD DOING THAT ENTIRE TIME? (Complacency because they were the rulers? Because they thought they'd won so fully the last time? Sighhh.)

I think that's all for now. I already want to watch this movie again...

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