BeeVee wrote a good post about her experiences on being searched online. That reminds me of how time changed, changed a lot. In college circa 1987 I was having a discussion with a group of fellow students (female) the topic was should you do a background check on your SO if its serious. The conclusion we had was looking in ones background is an utter lack of trust for your SO, you should trust your SO told you everything about their past. Maybe do a check on police records if getting married but some argued that would be like saying "I don't trust you." Now in 2014 googling a person prior to a first date is standard, just for safety. Not sure if this is good or bad, I wonder what my fellow students are telling their kids, if they have any.

Thoughts? Note I did go to an essentially women's college, i used a loophole that allowed men in full time if they took up 3 day classes and 1 night class, thus I was considered part time day student plus taking a night class which made me full time over all, I could not live there though, I lived 4 miles away so why commuting was fine. Men could take all classes at night they wanted or be part time students and take classes any time. Its now 100 percent coed. I am a second generation graduate, mother graduated before me.