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Flashbacks to a dream from 20 years ago; or, is PiggyWillow a medium?

On Thursday I was going to a doctor's appointment, and GPS led me abysmally astray. I called the office and they gave me turn-by-turn directions to get to the real office. On this strange road in a town I've never been in, I saw an old abandoned hospital:

Not so strange, right? Except that I immediately recognized the hospital. I had a dream about it when I was a kid, maybe 7 or 8? I was in the hospital, THIS HOSPITAL, with my dad to visit a family member, when the hospital caught on fire. I distinctly remember this dream now, in fact I think it may have been recurring (I've had horrible vivid nightmares all my life, many recurring, and I remember almost all of them). But seeing this hospital in real life brought that dream back to me very vividly, and I was a little shaken but forgot it as I was trying to find the doctor's office. I don't know why I randomly thought of it again tonight.


I suppose it's theoretically possible that I had been taken to this hospital as a kid (I grew up about an hour and change from there), but there's no question in my mind it's the same hospital from the dream. I see it vividly; I remember taking the elevator to a high floor and the panic of knowing how high up we were when we realize there's a fire. I vaguely remember getting out and standing outside, looking up at it.

The only logical explanation is that I'm either a time traveler or a medium. Or something.

Since I've thoroughly freaked myself out thinking about why in the world I would have dreamed about this place... have you had something from a dream appear/happen in real life? Please do share!

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