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Groupthink, have I got a story for you!

So, yesterday, I'm minding my business, grabbing a coffee on the way to work. I'm walking past some tables, and I notice ahead of me, sitting down, a dude with a smartphone sort of at hip level. I clocked it, because it kind of looked like the angle you may hold a phone at to take up-skirt photos. I teach at a private school that's really close to this coffee shop, and I'm always on the look-out for creepy randos that are attracted to the school girl uniform.

So I'm walking past him, as I have to do to get out and go about my day. As I get closer, I realize that the screen is pointing out. And as I get closer still, I realize he is playing a video of a guy masturbating furiously, pointing it at me, and as I stopped and glared at him, he just slowly tucked it away and went back to his coffee...


I didn't do anything, mainly because I was preoccupied with updating my definitions of sexual harassment to include this new, high-tech iteration. I was just too gob-smacked, I just glared and walked away. Next time I'm complaining to a manager.

So, who else has experienced a new and novel way of making women feel like sex objects as they're just trying to go about their day?

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