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Flea Market: If You Set Up A Table Do NOT Play This Game And Flea Market Tips

We were about to leave the fleamarket at 10:45 which is getting late most will be leaving by noon and many arrive at 6am. Anyways I missed a row near the exit. So I told my mother if she had hit and she said no.

We go our different ways at the fleamarket then keep meeeting every 30 or so minutes at food court. Anyways we went down this last row which was small and had about four dealers.

My mother stopped at a table and and the dealer had about 4 small tables. A definition of table at a fleamarket is really a booth consisting of small physical tables in an half square.


One small table just had cds. All the cds were nonsets meaning they consisted of one cd in the case. Dealer had about twenty. The dealer said ALL the cds are a dollar. My mother picked out two. A dollar for a cd in its case is the going rate for cds at a fleamarket actually its a bit high. Often its fifty cents. The truck guys its a handful of cases with their cds for a dollar at start of day Truck guys are guys who empty houses then resell the junkier items the good stuff goes to their shops (or others shops) then at about 10am truck guys say “everything for a dollar” books and cds “bunch of them for a dollar take what you can carry”.

So my mother picked two cds and was taking out two dollars when this dealer said “oh not this one its two dollars”. The dealer went on this song and dance about what Barnes and Nobles charges. My unsaid reation was “are you fing kidding me who cares, you price based on what those at flea market sells it for not Barnes and Noble which btw sells new items. Do NOT play this game of saying one price then asking another.”. My mother just bought one which was a dollar.

I memorized dealers location and face. Dealer was new. No way is dealer getting my business. I told my mother she should have said “never mind and put down both of them.” She said “typically I would have but the dollar cd was not common.”

Lesson:If you say a price don’t play games just because someone is about to buy and charge more. Its unprofessional and I suspect my mother’s age may have played a role.


I bought brand new unopened DVD movie All About Eve with Bette Davis for $1. I am going to watch it because of the tv miniseries Feud about Davis and Joan Crawfod. Old movie dvds at fleamarkets can be pricy at around 3 dollars I saw All The President’s Men from a dealer who just sells dvds for $4.00. I also got a Sunkist and bagel with creamcheese for $3.00.


If you go to a fleamarket spend no more then a dollar for a post 1980 movie (Disney movies do go much higher). DVD tv series really five dollars should be top price exceptions being Star Trek series and complete series sets. Single seasons five dollars, Star Trek excepted. Pre1980s movies up to three to four dollars. Three should be cutoff price though, four I say “no”. Then haggle to get the old movie $3 dvd to $2 if they say no I almost always walk away.


CDs spend NO more then a dollar with few exceptions. If its a box set maybe three depending on who. There are some exceptions like Beatles, The Who and Elvis along with concert cds these you can expect to pay five dollars for a single cd in a case.

I recall back in the mid00s five dollars was going price for a movie dvd and many cds. Ten dollars for a tv season. How prices have plummeted.


Remember for dvds and cds its the buyers market not the sellers. The seller will almost always have too many cds and dvds and each passing month and year price drops thanks to online and ondemand. Its not quite at videotape (vhs) market which is a $0.25 the going price even Disney I suspect we are two years away for dvds and cds.

My mother well I dread opening the trunk though she says very little is in it. We have different defintions of “little”.

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