Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Fleamarket adventures

1) Bought 2 more Ed Hardy hats for 2 dollars.

2) Got a huge strawberry short cake with ice cream and whipped cream for $3.50

3) It was warmish so I ended up drinking 2 cans of diet coke for $2.00

The above is all I bought.

4) Sorry $17.99 for a tshirt is way too much at a fleamarket. It was by Mountain and the picture was a wolf baying at the moon.


5) Isn't all earring surgical stainless steel to go through the ear lob? Some guy was selling earrings and he wrote that down on the sheet. I had no interest in them but the term surgical caught my eye.

6) My mother bought some jewelry and a picture. Very proud of her for restraining herself from filling the trunk thus the garage.

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