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Fleas?(Advice Please!)

Hi Y’all!

My roommate discovered a* flea on one of the dachshunds today, and neither of us have ever had this issue before.


We’re not quiiiite sure where it came from.

Perhaaaaaps a friend who came over after playing with someone else’s goats?

Buuuuut it also could EASILY have been from our own backyard! We back up to a VERY popular walking path, and there is only ~50 feet or less of VERY “crittery” wooded area between the back yard and the trail, AND our neighbors on both sides have dogs, one of whom pretty regularly takes the dog out to the lakes** when they go. The reason is pretty much irrelevant at this point, tbh!


The advice needed is:

1 Have you ever done a flea bombing of a place you live, and how did it work? (our place is 2500sf)


2. Did you also do a flea bath, or just Frontline all the pets?

3. Did you treat the yard too, and if so, How?

4. We’ve got sprays for the furniture, powder for the carpet, will be washing all bedding/blankets on High/Hot, Vacuuming like crazy, All the other pets were Frontlined today (Lily’s Regular application was about 10 days ago, so she’s good to go!) and bombing this week, are we forgetting anything?


Thanks in advance!!!💖💕💓

(I’m working tonight, so i’ll be on & off until late this evening, in case i’m slow on thanking anyone individually!)


*Yes, just A flea! She thought it was a burr, because we have those somewhere along that back fenceline that the boys get in their fur. She went to remove the “burr” and it WIGGLED!😨😨😨

So she immediately went out & got frontline for allthepets, plus the furniture spray & carpet treatment stuff.


**eta, i HAVE known folks who’ve brought home fleas from “the lake” or “the cabin” before. Not everyone Frontlines, and plenty of folks let their dogs roam the shore while they’re getting their boat into/out of the water.

It happens plenty back home, where someone who has a camper or cabin has to treat it at least once a summer, because soneone else brought out a flea-y dog, and just let the poor puppup wander the shore while they were getting out/going in and stowing gear.

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