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Fleas. :( Help me!

Today I gave the kitties a good brushing, as I usually do every few days, and found a flea. Fuck! I went to Petco and dropped $80 on flea bath, a flea comb, room fogger, flea treatment, and carpet/furniture spray.

I then locked the cats in the bathroom (after removing all linens), bagged up all my clothing and sheets, then fogged the shit out of the bedroom and living room. Once that aired out, I used the furniture spray to spray the couch cushions, the bed cover, all the area rugs, and underneath all the furniture.

While the spray was drying, I gave the kitties a flea bath, and then combed them 4 times each from head to toe. I found about a dozen or so fleas between the two of them during the first few brushings, but I didn't find any fleas the last time, so does that mean I'm in the clear? I gave them the behind the head flea treatment, too. If I missed any, does that mean this starts over again, or will the treatment stuff take care of it?


I brushed them last on Friday, and there were no fleas, so I'm hoping I caught this early enough that I'm not going to have to worry about it. That $80 on flea treatment stuff was the last of the money in my checking account, so I can't really afford to buy anything else right now, much less take them to the vet.

Is there anything else I can do? Help me, please...I'm about to take my 3rd shower for today, in between washing ALL THE LAUNDRY. (side note: I have now learned my lesson about not putting away laundry when it's done. I will do that from now on I promise.)

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