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Fleas Help Me

I think I have fleas.

I spent the last four days at a friends house dog-sitting. I noticed a coupe of random bug bites on my feet, but I was spending a lot of time on her deck so I figured they were just mosquito bites. I came home last night and went to bed and woke up this morning with dozens of bites on my feet and ankles. I did some research and think they're flea bites. I immediately threw my bedding and all the clothes I had brought to her house in the wash. I dismantled my bed (partially because I was terrified I had bed bugs) and vacuumed thoroughly. What else do I need to do? I don't have any pets, so I'm hopeful that I'll able to nip this in the bud rather quickly.

Any advice on bug bite relief is also welcome. Gah!!!


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