So I've finally gotten around to watching Peaky Blinders on Netflix. And I just love historical dramas. But I drifted off last night thinking about what historical story I would love to see serialized, and of course my dream casting. I know personally I'd love to see the story of Franz Joseph 1 and Empress Elisabeth and their crazy family life juxtaposed with the simmering tensions of Europe underlying it all. I mean that story has it all. Obsession, beauty cults, the suicide pact of their son and his seventeen year old girlfriend( or was it?!), the politics, the tensions, anarchists waiting in the wings, the ascension of Franz Ferdinand- it's all so sordid and intense. Clearly the end of the series would be Franz Ferdinand getting assassinated in 1914 kicking off WW1. And obviously, the cast would have to be British, because serious drama means actors from the UK.

Help me cast! Go!

I'm currently thinking Domhnall Gleeson as Franz Joseph and Lara Pulver as Sisi. But I would love to stand corrected.