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Flirting By Text: In Which I Realize I Am Too Old For This Shit (UPDATE: WTF?)

Guys, I need advice. I have been texting Cute Boy Who Asked About Doctor Who from OkCupid all morning, and am realizing I have no idea what an appropriately flirty first-conversation-before-you've-met-someone is supposed to look like. We've been talking about warm-weather places, and somehow got on the topic of beaches, surfing and, of all things, swimwear. As in "you probably have a great body, you should model some." Keep in mind dude has never seen me in person.

That's creepy and red flag-y for a first conversation, right? Or am I being oversensitive and is this how people flirt? (I haven't been on a date in five years, so I have no fucking clue.)

EDIT: He is now asking me to give him my opinion on his friend's swimsuit designs. Methinks shit just got weird.

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