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Flooding All Over the Place and More Rain Wednesday

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Several days of downpours = more rain than the monthly average fell in 4 days. 6-12 inches fell in the greater St. Louis area.


No clue what’s going on in the southern part of the state, but man is southwest St. Louis County and surrounding JeffCo fucked again.

Highways are closing because of water levels. Jefferson County, which is southwest of St. Louis, has the Meramec River meandering through it until it has a confluence with the Mississippi about 20 miles south of St. Louis. Every route out of JeffCo involves a bridge. 141? CLOSED. I-44? Closing in 30 mins. 30? Closing tonight. 21? Closing tonight. Pretty much the only thing left is I-55, and that could close Wednesday if the crest estimate is off.


MoDoT is expecting many of the roads to be impassable until the weekend.

And we have another 1-3 inches of rain forecast for Wednesday. :(

I’m working from home for at least tomorrow. Even though I don’t have to cross a river to get to work, the last time we had this sort of flooding (Dec 2015), it took me 2.5 hours to get home from work. NOT HAPPENING. I am not essential personnel for anything.

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