Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Floor chairs?

Since Buster is on bed rest and has to be in his crate all the time, I’m spending a lot of time sitting on the floor to keep him company, and my back is killing me.

So I need to get a floor chair (like for gaming), but there are about 5 million options on Amazon and it’s really hard to judge without being able to sit in them.


Any of you have something like this that you can recommend? I need something with decent lower back and neck support (i.e., something with internal structure, nothing floppy) and something quite low to the ground so Buster can get on my lap without jumping. Something that could lie completely flat would be a huge bonus, as well — I’m currently sleeping on an air mattress that is doing me no favors — but that’s not necessary.

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