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Flora Stevens Case Leaves A Lot Of Questions

In 1975 in New York Flora Stevens was scheduled to be picked up from a doctors appointment by her husband, she was not there.

Flash forward 2017 she is found in an assisted living home in Mass. Her Social Security number was flagged.


I saw an article on this when I was shopping. At first I thought “wow off the grid for 42 years, go to assisted living with dementia, pow some staffer types in your SSN and its flagged.”

System is working as it should.

EXCEPT she has been in various nursing homes since the 90s. She is 78 I have to wonder if she had early onset Alzheimers or dementia since her 50s. Being in a nursing home that young is not common.


Yet all that time 20 plus how was her SSN not flagged. If she changed her SSN to stay off the grid why then would her original be used? That would not make sense. I suspect she always used same number. So how after over 20 years it was not flagged?

She also would have been on medicaid isn’t your SSN needed for that?

What took so long to find her?

Upside she is safe and alive. I would like to know until she went into first nursing home how she remained off the grid for so long. Did she work under the table? There is no indications of her having a family.


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