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Florida publicly shamed unwed mothers

I’m out. Done. I just barely kept myself from screaming in the middle of the office when I read this. In 2001, Florida passed a bill requiring unwed mothers who didn’t know who the father was and wanted to give the child up for adoption to publish their sexual history in a newspaper so a man, recognizing his one-stand stand or rape victim or what have you, could recognize that he had a child and step in to claim any parental rights. This includes women who were raped, minors, and women who just wanted their husband to adopt their children. Jeb Bush declined to veto this bill and it became law.

State courts ruled it unconstitutional to publish rape victims’ names and histories or to publish women and girls’ histories, even if the sex was consensual. At which point, in 2003, it was repealed. (Full story of this law here)


Okay, apparently the Governor and several other politicians thought the publication requirement should replaced with a paternity registration where men can file the name and description of the women as well as details of the encounter that led to the contested pregnancy or child. And even its original sponsors were happy it was repealed. But the law was left up for two years in which hundreds of women had to publicly humiliate themselves to do the best for their child.

Can you fucking believe this shit? Can you? I can and that’s why I want to peace out and build a feminist colony on Mars. Please let’s not elect a man who states outright that he bases his opinions on unwed mothers off The Scarlet Letter.

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