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Florida Woman Rescues 10,000 Muscovy Ducks

Over the past few decades, Floridian transplant Eunice Silversten, 74, has rescued and rehabbed over 10,000 Muscovy Ducks from a sanctuary she now runs single-handedly.


Eunice and her husband, Charlie, who passed in 2005, began Duck Haven after witnessing a man attempting to drown Muscovy ducklings. When they intervened and brought the babies to animal control, they were told the ducklings would be euthanized. So Eunice took them home to rear them herself.

In her current Margate, FL, tract house since 1980, Eunice uses her backyard to raise, rehabilitate and releases the ducks she can, and give a comfortable, safe life to those who can no longer survive in the wild.

Muscovy ducks are not native to Florida, but like so much wildlife in that state, they proliferated in the resource and wetland rich environment. Many people see them as a nuisance and headache, many killing or torturing them. Eunice takes as many in as she can.

A few years ago, Duck Haven's major benefactor passed away, and Eunice can no longer afford to care for a huge number of her ducks. She has started to turn away chicks, and assembles ballpoint pens monthly to help supplement her limited income.


If you're in her area in Florida and can spare a bag of feed, it would be deeply appreciated. If you're elsewhere and want to help, there's a GoFundMe page for Duck Haven.


I can only donate a pittance from up here in New England, but I know all you fine folks are animal lovers, and even if you can't donate, maybe you could share Eunice's story.

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