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Florynce "Flo" Kennedy: A Badass

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Florynce "Flo" Kennedy was born in Kansas City, Missouri, 1916. At that moment, the world had gained one more badass. She organized the Feminist Party in 1972, and was a founding member of National Organization of Women (NOW) in 1966. Kennedy also was a civil rights advocate and a trial lawyer. Her feminist beliefs began early in her life, as her undergraduate paper written during her tenure at Columbia University analyzes links between institutionalized racism and sexism. This paper was included in "Words of Fire," and her autobiography, "Color Me Flo: My Hard Life and Good Times." She passed away in December of 2000.

I admire Kennedy's dedication to the feminist movement from the beginning. Kennedy's writing is also not imbued with ridiculous academic language- Kennedy writes for the common (wom)man.

My favorite Floyrnce Kennedy quote is below, sourced from a Ms. Magazine article:

"Okay, roses are beautiful, fragrant, and desirable. But how much shit should you have to walk over to get one rose?"


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