So I live in Indianapolis, the center of the ridiculous shitstorm caused by our moronic governor who seems to think he's on a Holy Errand. And the shit has been RAINING DOWN ON ALL SIDES, believe me β€” from conventions leaving or threatening, to concerts being cancelled (Wilco! Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally!), to companies putting a stop to expansion plans, etc. I know nobody who agrees β€” in public, at least β€” with this bigoted RFRA legislation, but all the news media stories are incredibly punishing.

BUT: What I'm seeing, what we're seeing, on the ground level is pretty astonishing. There's the booming success of Open for Service. Businesses and restaurants are posting pictures online with smiling staff and open doors. Universities and companies are writing public statements. The mayor (Republican!) and city council are speaking out, strongly. People are coming forward β€” not just the segment we all think is the clear target of discrimination with this bill β€” to say enough, no, this is not right and it needs to be corrected.

Even before RFRA, we often heard people say "oh, Indiana, who would ever want to live there? Why don't the smart liberal people all just move?" Well, our city has undergone quite a renaissance in the last 10 years β€” and a lot of us are proud of it. Even now. And the right thing to do is NOT to abandon it, or give up the fight.


I can't deny that Mike Pence is in office because he was voted in, during a time of low turnout and general apathy, and inactive citizens deserve what they get when they forego their right to vote. But I have to say, I'm pretty proud of what I'm seeing now β€” and I believe that the good fight is on. The story isn't over yet.

ETA image of tomorrow's IndyStar cover.

ETA2: Link to article about Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's executive order reaffirming the city's human rights ordinance.