Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Flu/Skin Question

Hello everyone! I’m a little freaked out this morning.

I’ve been sick with a cold all week, and coughing especially hard. It was finally getting better but I got sick after eating dinner last night and threw up. I’d sort of been expecting that because I was coughing so hard lots of times I thought it might make me vomit. This morning I woke up and have red splotches all over my face. It’s like I suddenly woke up with an extreme amount of freckles, but really red and scary. I know coughing can make blood vessels burst, and I wonder if something similar might have happened to make my face all red? Anybody know? I’m afraid to Google because I have really bad trypophobia and I know that Google search will bring up things I don’t want to see.


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