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Thank you to all of you who shared support/advice in my last post. Life tends to pack multiple punches in a row, and I’m now headed home for my grandfathers funeral. It’s a long day of traveling ahead* and I need distractions. What light books have you enjoyed recently?

I love fantasy and romance, historical fiction. But feel free to share whatever you’d life for anyone else who might be looking for a new read! My rec, while a very popular one, is Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. Sometimes I find reworking of old fairy tales to be a bit belabored, but this was utterly engrossing and new. I loved it! I’ve also loved everything she’s written, including her reimagining of the Napoleonic Wars *with dragons*.

*Delta had the most amazing customer service ever today! I booked my flight for the WRONG DAY when I bought it last night. I arrived at the airport at 4:45am tovfind this out. Luckily the booking agent was incredibly kind and helpful, and got the change fee waved when they found it was for a funeral, even though the full obituary and funeral notice hasn’t gone out yet. So my flight is at 2pm and I’ll arrive closer to midnight tonight but I’m getting there! 

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