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Audition in three hours. Not showered yet. Seem to have forgotten to pack a hairbrush and/or flatiron. Have lots and lots of hair. This should be interesting.

Contemplating swearing off cookies. Clearly they are trouble. Know this is useless.

Feeling nervy and chatty. Attempting to study excerpts on YouTube like a good girl. Vaguely aware that last minute cramming is useless. (But what else are you supposed to do?)

Wanting to go to Perkins because it is nearby. 2000's era FluterDale was obsessed with Perkins and the chicken tender melt. Do they still have it? Is it still filled with saturated fat and deliciousness? (Will it make me dumber? The answer is yes. The question is: Will I survive the return trip if I am stupider than now?)

Searched for funny gifs to make this somehow relevant to posting on GroupThink. Must not clutter your feeds with stupidness. Can't make relevant. Found funny gifs. See below:


Obviously unrelated. But hilarious.

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