I'm supposed to be grading.

But first! Last night, I dreamed that I waited in line behind Beyonce for a ride at a water park. She was really rude (it was a dream), so my friend and I broke into her house and stole her prosthetic arm.

Dream analysis?


It's racist essays time for one of the summer classes.

Someone submitted their hate speech ... erm, I mean ... essay ... early. It was particularly noxious, but I tried to grade impartially. They are complaining that they received a poor grade because of what they said and not the quality of their essay. (Hint: Hate speech often comes with weak grammar and lacking organization.)

I'm not fighting that fight, this semester, so I just forwarded my supervisor's information.

Apparently, since the last time this happened, our email system has decided that when you include a college contact card in an email link (it has their email, their phone number, etc.), it also includes their ID card photo.

My supervisor is, in addition to being amazing, a WoC. This should be interesting.

I gotta go grade and then serve people breadsticks.