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Welcome To The Bitchery


FluterDude and I work in mostly unrelated areas of the same department (which means we both do music, for those of you who are new). Our jobs have absolutely nothing to do with one another, although they're complementary.

In the summers, we both play in a local ensemble together. It's fun when it isn't 97 billion degrees or threatening tornadoes. This summer, his boss who runs the thing is finishing up a sabbatical, will be abroad, and FluterDude will be in charge of the thing. It'll be an interesting phase in our marriage. (The last time he was in charge of an ensemble I was in ended in fireworks, but not the romantic kind.)

He just called to ask what I was doing May 22-26. I responded, "I don't have anything on the calendar except the concert on Labor Day." [May 26th].


"Good. [Boss] said for us both to leave our calendars open during that time-frame."

What does he want? Neither of us are sure. We're not sure if it's the world's weirdest gig, which somehow combines our mostly unrelated specialties, or if he's trying to take us on his overseas trip - which would be super cool, but I am passport-less. Note: FluterDude's alternate theory is that we're working four days of hard labor in the salt mines. If you knew Boss at all, this would be a legit possibility.

My imagination is running wild! What do you think the Boss is going to do to us? Wildest and/or most ridiculous wins ... bragging rights!

Go nuts, GroupThink.


The Big Reveal: We're going to a vacation destination! It doesn't involve the beach, which my pale, easily burned skin appreciates. More than that? I won't say. But FluterDude deserves (and is SO EXCITE) about a most-expense paid trip away from work.

Yay Boss! (I'm sorry I joked about salt mines.)

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