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FluterFriday Continues

The majority of my Black Friday shift was spent conducting a trivia game with people who were waiting in line for the cash register. (I also had a crowd of people who weren't waiting in line, lingering to continue playing.) It was arguably the best use of a Black Friday shift in the history of ever. (Note: I still do not approve of Black Friday shifts. I am simply admitting that I found a way to enjoy six to eight hours of mime.)

Of course, there were still other customers. (Customers are a lot like students. Who knew?) Because I love sharing ridiculous stories about more ridiculous people, here is the gem from my 2014 experience.

During a pause in Checkout Line Trivia, a middle-aged woman in a Kate Gosselin haircut approached me, waving a hanger with a dress and a scarf. "I want to buy these things!"

I directed her to the checkout line, which had approximately fifteen people in it, at the moment. (This was relatively short for that time of day.) I smiled and asked if she wanted to answer a trivia question while she waited.


"No, I don't want to wait in the line! I just want to buy these things! Can't I pay you for them?"

Naturally, I explained that the checkout line was just a guideline, recommended for the plebes and the un-special, produced a secret, VIP cash register from underneath a pile of sweaters, checked her out, and let the rest of the undesirables continue to wait in line. She smiled sweetly, thanked me profusely, skipped merrily on her way. Then she called me a cunt.

(That last paragraph was a round of two lies and a truth. Can you spot the truth?)

Did you work a Black Friday? (Have you ever worked a Black Friday?) I'd love to hear your stories, too.

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