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Flying somehow got stupider than it used to be

I suspect I’m late to this complaint but it’s been a while since I’ve flown domestically (I hate flying) and also since I’ve bought my own ticket not using like points and shit. APPARENTLY it’s now a thing that you can book a flight and be denied a carry on bag (other than “personal item”)? Fuck that! I also booked a trip where the return is United and had to pay extra, on top of the ticket fare, for seats. Not for upgraded seats. Just basic ass economy seats. And I didn’t have the choice to skip it and just let them put me wherever - it was like, OK here’s your fare, and next you’ll pay to have a seat on that plane.

So now, I’m going to upgrade all these trips, because that will be cheaper than checking our carry-on sized bags. I’ve been thinking for YEARS this kind of shit was going to correct itself but instead they just now have 90 different class levels and are inflating the prices. They frame it as offering cheaper alternatives but since airfare is so all over the map, you have no way of really feeling it as a discount and I’m positive all they did was just inflate prices.


I choose life so I didn’t fly Spirit but it makes me think it might not have made a difference in the end if all the airlines are garbage at this point. I’m already convinced I will die in a plane crash and so no matter what I’ll be in a poor people’s seat with none of my things.

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