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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi guys! I would love some advice from my seasoned GT travelers with babies. In about a week I am flying from Milwaukee to Charlotte, NC with my husband and my 8 month old daughter. We live about 2ish hours from the airport and our flight leaves mid-morning. The current plan is to pack up the night before, get up and get ourselves ready, get peep ready and feed her. Then we'll hit the road. Luckily we'll have a stroller in Charlotte we can use so we won't have to check our behemoth but that means it's either lug her around in the carseat or attempt to cart her around in my moby wrap. I haven't worn her since she was around 3 months so I'm definitely going to practice and get her used to it. I'd love tips or tricks from other baby wearers. The flight is 2 hours and we got a direct flight. Peep is pretty chill so I'm not too worried; she'll be in our laps. We plan to feed her during takeoff since I've heard that helps pop their ears. What's been everyone's experience with this?

Oh and not that I think this needs to be said but please no one give me shit for flying with an infant. I'm not arguing with anyone on this.


In return for your advice here is an adorable picture of peep's first time in a pool. She loved it! Mooncat can attest because her, Mr. Mooncat, and their adorable moonkitten were there.

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