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Flypaper Movies

I mentioned earlier tonight my concept of "Flypaper Movies," movies that, no matter how many times you've seen, if you're channel surfing and you come across them you're snared until the end.

I love movies. I have no one favorite, but I have many favorites in many genres.

The immediate inspiration for this is stumbling onto "The Road Warrior" at 3:30 and knowing I was stuck for another hour. Gibson me no Gibsons, I know the man is a dastardly shitheel, but this is as close to a near-perfect diamond of an action movie as exists in our world. Pure, visceral, dreamlike, intense, not fogged up with subplots. It's George Miller triumphant.


Casablanca is my perfect romantic movie. Two desperate people in a tiny, insular backwater of the world while forces far greater than they operate above and beyond them. And they do what they need to do. It's as inevitable as Sophocles. And PLAY LA MARSEILLAISE PLAY IT!

A fan of the Chopsocky genre? Does it get any better than either a) Enter the Dragon or b) Kung Fu Hustle? One an old-school yarn starring a compelling once-in-a-lifetime figure, one a brilliant winking homage to the movies themselves, incorporating old Hollywood, Warner Brothers, musical numbers, RoadRunner cartoons.


Science Fiction? Silent Running always snares me, as does, inevitably, Kubrick's cold, nearly sterile vision of human evolution in 2001: A Space Odyssey and anything with Ellen Ripley in it that doesn't have roman numerals in the title. NUKE THEM FROM ORBIT, IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO BE SURE.

Those are just a few of mine. I could go on for ages. What are your Flypaper Movies?

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