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I think I might have a UTI. I've never had one before, so I don't know for sure but I've had some mild cramping and then I'm pretty sure there was some blood in my urine this morning (not sure, but my urine was like a light orangey-red color so that's what I'm assuming). Also, with the blizzard this week and my husband being home we had an extra lot of sex this week, so I'm thinking this may be the cause. The thing is, I don't have any urgency to pee and it doesn't burn or anything - is that normal, is there possibly something else?

I really don't want to go the doctor yet, but if it gets worse or doesn't go away I obviously will. The only reason why I'm a little nervous is because my husband is not sure that it is a UTI and worried it might be something else. I've had trouble with my kidneys before as a result of my eating disorder (hospitalized a couple years ago) and he's nervous that it isn't just a benign UTI. I don't think it's my kidneys because I haven't been feeling any other issues or symptoms that would relate to that other than the blood in my urine.

Basically, from what I said I just want reassurance that I'm probably right and it's just a UTI and nothing to worry too much about.

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