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So. I lost my job. I lost my girl. At the same time.

Skip a bunch of months to, well, NOW. Girl shakes me down via email for the money for a piece of electronic equipment I haven't yet paid her for, equipment she first tried to *give* me, then *long loan* me ("pay it when you can!"), then *take back* when she broke her other one.


Girl is in a field where she can charge hundreds of dollars an HOUR - and does. Meanwhile, I'm applying for jobs and scraping by doing what I can here and there along with unemployment and am 800 bucks in the red with the bank. Debt collectors are a'callin'. "You haven't made any effort to pay me," Girl says.

But it's my fault. I'm shit with money. But she's being a dick. But but but...

Guess who just cashed in her 401(k) from her old job?

Yep. Me.

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