Back story: I used to be covered through Kaiser Permanente under a plan I was "grandfathered" into because I could no longer be covered under my mother's insurance because, hi, adult now. This plan I was "grandfathered" into ("grandfathered" being a cutesy way of saying they were allowing me to continue being covered by them without medical review) cost nearly $600 in premiums per month, plus copays. This is not a plan I could afford (though really, who the fuck can), so my mother, bless her, volunteered to take the the cost, but even she knows this is not a cost that could be kept up long-term. I tried to lower this cost by applying from the outside for a similar plan that cost nearly 50% less in premiums. Fucking shocker, I was denied that coverage because of my preexisting conditions of depression and anxiety. So I then applied for California's "major risk" medical program. This plan, just like Kaiser, offered an identical plan to the one I was using, minus nearly 50% in monthly premiums. Thankfully I was accepted.

I just got back from my psychiatrist. I was expecting to pay nearly the same thing as the Kaiser coverage I was previously under. The price of that visit jumped from $25 to $80. Because I am apparently a moron who does not read the fine print, I did not realize there is a $500 deductible for the "major risk" pool I am now under. After the sticker shock wore off a bit, I figured it couldn't be that bad right? I doubt things could get so expensive in one fell swoop that they completely meet that deductible.

*insert derp here*

My psychiatrist prescribed me an antidepressant, and tried to give me a 100 day supply, thinking he could help me lower the cost that way. I went and filled the Rx. The cost for that three month supply: nearly $340, for the generic version of Wellbutrin. Generic. Version.

*insert nope here*

Since I am not a person made of money, I opted for a 30 day supply to the tune of $115. Now I have to go to my mom, yet again, and hope she will help me cover the cost, at least until I have met that $500 deductible, or I am SOL and can look forward the cutting myself off from a drug that was helping me at least start to feel like a human being again.


Medical care industry: why do you hate me, hmm? Why are you punishing me for trying to get my shit together? I hate you. in other news: fuck this whole stupid month.