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Welcome To The Bitchery
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FML (OT thread)

two weeks ago today, I was an idiot and tripped in my own backyard, breaking a bone in my right hand (a carpel bone, if you want to know). it’s now in a cast, I am on short term disability from work (my job is 100% keyboarding). so my typing SUCKS

AND my dishwasher leaked so my kitchen is torn apart, my wood floors are half gone, we can’t cook, blowers going all the time (to dry out the subfloor) and we may end up fighting w/ the insurance company about replacing our cabinets. The ,lower ones are pulled out - the upper ones are still there, but these are 30 yr old custom cabinets built on site. Insurance wants us to magically find someone to re build the lower cabinets and we’re insisting they HAVE to match the original upper cabinets. Oh, and they found more damage, so now my laundry room will also have to get torn apart.


when it rains it pours, huh?

what’s going on, GT?

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