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Hi all! So my yesterday was crazy. So many great things happened! And 1 insane thing and 1 thing I need all the help with. What is that thing? A diet.

In order to figure out why my bowels/stomach are being all shitty, we’re trying to figure out what foods I can’t stand. So with that in mind I’m cutting out some things from my diet. (on the advice of my dietician) 1. Fructose. 2. Lactose and if I can manage, go as much FODMAP as I can. This is often advised for people with IBS so they can cut out foods that upset their bowels. Does anyone know any easy recipes that I can turn to during the elimination weeks? All help is appreciated!


The other things, ordered by Emoji :

😱 I’m getting a tattoo! I finally landed a spot with the tattoo artist that I want! It’ll be a quill, about 4/5cm in size on my inner lower left arm and I’m not going to be seeing the design until I walk into the shop. This is my first tattoo ever and I’m so scared/nervous/excited/happy!

💖 I’m going to paris! For the tattoo. Boobieguy is going to come and we’ll make a short city trip out of it. I already perused the other Paris thread from last week or so. If anyone has any restaurant recommends in the low-mid price range for breakfast/lunch/dinner or suggestions on good neighbourhoods to hang out in, I’m all ears! (I won’t be on the diet when I got to Paris, it’ll be done by then)

😐 I need to find a new PT because my current one called me last night to tell me that he really liked me....


It was so incredibly weird. He called from a blocked number, started to ask some random questions (if I was home, what I was doing, what I was eating) then said he had something to tell me. He was very quiet and sounded very weird and off. First I thought, wrong number, then I thought maybe he’s quitting his practice? But he said “I like you” and I just sat there going “ehhhh” while boobieguy sat opposite me. He asked if I felt bad about that and I said something along the lines of ‘I do. Although I guess more bad for you, because I have a boyfriend. Who I live with. Who is sitting across from me right now.’ and then he said something like “Well I uh. I really really like you.” And I just sat there like 😦 and after some more eh’s answered “I don’t reciprocate that” and then he hung up.


I was so thrown at this. Luckily BG was there to help calm me down and put shit into perspective. I just wanted to forget the whole thing but BG is trying to get in touch with the manager from the PT centre that he works for today, to try and get my hours/money back because I’m never going back there and I’m out 4 appointment of the max of 9 for the whole year. He saw me in my bra you guys. One of his offices is in an all-women gym. I mean. Whaaa..


So what’s with you?

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